Med Device Monday: Watching Patient Time

Wearable devices are all the rage these days, from Fitbits to GoPros, to—yes!—medical devices. We've talked about some medical device wearables here before, here and here and even earlier this month.

The company we're featuring today is part of this month's theme of not-yet-approved-byFDA medical devices. It's a bracelet patients wear to track time. It sounds simple enough, but the uses and possibilities for it are endless. 

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The bracelet is activated when it snaps onto a patient's wrist. Data can be viewed on the wristband and on a desktop app that allows for tracking, data monitoring, and various insights. Speaking of insights, why track time intervals? So many reasons. 

The time on the flexible, disposable wristband can be viewed under normal light conditions from at least 20 feet away. Current data is available on the wristband at a glance, and historical data is visible on the dashboard. With a click of the button, the data point (time period) is saved to be viewed later on the dashboard, so there's no doubting how long a patient has been waiting for a CT scan, a check, or a dose. 

This is the kind of technology that can transform the day-to-day activity of medicine. While I suspect that using a device like this would take a little bit of a learning curve, as any new habit does, it could also be a powerful tool in the tool belt of medical professionals across the country. While I've given a few examples here, I truly believe the possibilities for a device like this could be endless. 

How would you use a device like this?


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