Med Device Monday: Chin Implants

The mention of chin implants might bring to mind a shiny Hollywood doctor's office and associated cosmetic surgery. And while they are used in that arena, chin implants are also commonly used in patients with craniofacial trauma. Recent advances in bone-mimicking materials make for more successful results, with some customizable technology thrown in for good measure.

Poriferous makes its SU-POR implants from their porous, biocompatible polyethylene product. The porous structure mimics bone in both its strength, and its allowance for tissue to "ingrow" and fuse the implant to the bone structure like it would with regular bone. 

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What's also cool about these devices is that, using CT scans, they can be crafted specifically for a patient's face. You can read more about this here, but in a nutshell when there is craniofacial trauma and reconstruction is needed, Poriferous works with the surgeon to build the exact implant that is required. This is personalized medicine to the core!

Their recent 510(k) clearance is here.

Stryker also has a recent 510(k) clearance for a chin prosthesis/implant here

On the importance of using porous polyethylene for the implant material: