Med Device Monday: Lifestand Upright Wheelchair

Wheelchair height: it's a standard measurement for everything from countertops to phone placement to drinking fountains. It's outlined in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design (take a look at section 308), and ensures that common and essential parts of life are accessible to those with disabilities. 

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The Lifestand standing wheelchair doesn't aim to replace the traditional wheelchair entirely. Rather, it increases the range of motion and accessibility to those who are confined to wheelchairs by allowing the user to safely stand and engage in everyday activities such as washing dishes, cooking, and even using a urinal. Having the option of being at eye level in a group is a benefit, too. Lifestand works best for those without lower but with upper body strength. 

This is not to say that the ADA standards are going away, nor that they should. Rather, why shouldn't we use all our available technology to make the world more safely accessible?

You can read the 510(k) summary here. Take a look:

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