Med Device Monday: eSight

In keeping with last week's visual theme, I've got another impressive vision device today. My PhD work was in the development on visual systems (how the brain wires sight, essentially), so these devices are near and dear to my heart. eSight is a ground-breaking, FDA approved device that allows visually-impaired people to see. It's a non-surgical, portable option that takes a video feed of what the wearer is looking at, adjusts it based on their specific needs, and feeds it back to them in a way that allows them see it clearly. 

This explains how it works:

And the following videos demonstrate the human impact of this device. As is often the case with these truly life-changing technologies, you may need to have some tissues handy. Check out eSight's YouTube channel for much more.

On how this has changed one person's life, including the social impact and isolation of growing up with visual impairment, and her role as a mother and ability to be employed: 

A woman seeing her baby for the first time:

A man seeing for the first time in 20 years:

And finally, a man seeing his wife and baby for the first time: