Med Device Monday: Brainport V100

Tasting the rainbow in order to see it? Well, sort of.

Last year FDA approved/granted a device via the de novo pathway that allows for images to be translated into feeling on the tongue, thus helping blind people "see" by navigating their environment and even reading words:

"The BrainPort V100 is a battery-powered device that includes a video camera mounted on a pair of glasses and a small, flat intra-oral device containing a series of electrodes that the user holds against their tongue. Software converts the image captured by the video camera in to electrical signals that are then sent to the intra-oral device and perceived as vibrations or tingling on the user’s tongue. With training and experience, the user learns to interpret the signals to determine the location, position, size, and shape of objects, and to determine if objects are moving or stationary."

Bloomberg has a write-up of it here and you can also read about it here.

The opening quote from the powerful video below sums it up pretty well: "Your brain is what really sees, not your eyes. If your eyes don't work, then you can create another portal into the brain, then your brain is what is going to interpret the world around you."